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Valen-times are upon us!

Lovey-dovey hearts!

Crivvens! It's nearly St Valentine's Day already? Sneaking up on me like that...

Valentines are serious times, as you might know. Around these parts this is probably less true as we make chocolate all the time, unlike certain fly-by-night February charlatans, naming no names... mother. Of course, that's not to say love isn’t in the air (love of chocolate mostly, but whatever). Old Val was a martyr though, so doesn't a card and some sweets, maybe flowers, seem like a bit of a comedown in comparison? Kind of a high bar there.

Last year, I got a lot of chocolate from people (the record to beat this year is 16.4 lbs); although I'm pretty sure most of those people were Mungo Mouse as the lot of it was full of sultanas and devoid of martyrdom. Little did he suspect that I had another in my heart, the ever-delightful Marguerite Mouse.

…What? Self-love is the purest love, I’ll have you know. I've forgotten who said that. Or did I make it up? I'm not sure. It was probably Wilde. He said everything and nothing...

dairy free chocolate