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I am sure you have already heard that after a global vote January has officially been renamed Veganuary. At least that is what Lily-Lu Lemur has been telling every single animal she comes across. Lily-Lu, who works in our dairy free & gluten free chocolate production room, is one of our expert vegans. You may have seen her recent post on Facebook filled with lovely vegan breakfast treats for you all to make and nibble on. Vegaunary has got everyone talking and the big questions buzzing around the internet this month is 'can vegans eat chocolate?' Lily-Lu Lemur is here to help us answer this mind boggling question.......

Lily-Lu Lemur: "Chocolate? I love chocolate, I'm always eating chocolate - minty, orange, bunnycomb, banana, cranberry & hazelnut ....... wait ........ what was the question.....? Oh yes, that's right, 'can vegans eat chocolate?' Well, you'll be super excited and over the moon to hear the answer to that one is Yes - Vegans can eat Moo Free Chocolates. Hammy Hamster makes our chocoalte with vegan friendly rice milk instead of icky cow's milk. Hammy is a very clever Hamster so she has had the whole chocolate making process checked over by the Vegan Society and all our chocolate bars & Easter Eggs have the Vegan Trademark on the packets. This means that when I take a bite (oops of course I mean when YOU take a bite) of Moo Free Chocolate you are eating something that is 100% vegan, dairy free, casein free & lactose free. (Not to mention our choccies are also gluten free & free from genetically modified ingredients). What better way to celebrate Veganuary - January has been renamed Veganuary don't you know - than with a pile of Moo Free Chocolates."

What a relief for Chocolate lovers everywhere.

dairy free chocolate