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Mini Moos - Bunny Bar

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mini moos bunny bar

Our award winning chocolate is now available in bite sized individual bunny shaped bars. Each Mini Moo bunny bar comes in a neat little packet featuring Rosie Rabbit and contain a 16g dairy free chocolate bar in the shape of a rabbit. Each Mini Moos Buuny Bar chocolate bar is made using our organic and dairy free milk chocolate recipe to ensure that these bunny bars really do taste like delicious, milk chocolate.

These Mini Moo bunny bars are made in Moo Free's UK factory that does not manufacture milk chocolate or any other milk based products. Because our machinery has never been used with any ingredients that contain milk you can be sure that these dairy free chocolate bars cannot become contaminated with any milk residue.

My little boy was delighted! Thankyou.


These dairy free chocolate bunny bars are made using a combination of natural, organic and fair trade ingredients.

Moo Free brings you all the flavour of great tasting milk chocolate but know the secret of how to make it without using any milk.

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