Wonky Choc

A favourite with our dairy dodging bargain hunters, our Wonky Choc is products that got broken, scuffed or didn't quite go to plan. All the taste, just not the perfection.

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Short-Dated Choc

Sometimes we get a bit excited and make a little too much of a certain product. Sometimes large orders fall through and we're left with excess stock. Either way, the short-dated stock is your opportunity to get discount Moo Free treats which you want to eat right away!

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Moo Free Choccy Bargains!

Running factories doesn't come without a few hiccups every now and again! Sometimes things don't go to plan, chocolate gets broken, scuffed and sometimes get's close to the best before date.

We've put all these products here on this page to make hunting down a right choccy bargain a breeze for all you dairy dodging bargain hunters!