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Delicious dairy free, vegan Easter eggs and chocolate that's also gluten free and soya free!

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Dairy free, vegan Easter eggs and Easter chocolate

Looking for 100% dairy free, 100% vegan Easter eggs and Easter chocolates? We're a multi-award winning dairy free chocolate manufacturer based in Devon, UK. We've been producing delicious, dairy free Easter eggs that bring dairy dodging delight since 2010. This year we have a range of scrummy Easter eggs, chocolate and chocolate bars that anyone can enjoy. 

Whether you're shopping for those who require dairy free chocolate, lactose free, vegan or vegetarian, there's something for everyone! From our dairy free chocolate explosion egg with a unique funky pattern that has been splattered with white chocolate, marshmallows and choccy drops, to our very popular Easter hunt egg kits that come in a handy box, there's something for everyone.


All of our Easter eggs and chocolate are gluten free and soya free too!

We strive to produce delicious Easter chocolates everyone can enjoy. Not only are the delicious choccy treats on this page 100% dairy free and vegan, but they're also gluten free and soya free too! Ideal for people with allergies, intolerances and those looking to buy the most delicious "free from" Easter chocolate here in the UK.