Margery Mouse's Super Fun Letter Time: Getting Moo Free In Malta!

It's time for the inaugural and possibly only edition of my new feature, Margery Mouse's Super Fun Letter Time! In which I answer letters that are totally real and not at all made up by me about things that I think are worth sharing with everyone. What a super fun time with letters! Marcella Marmoset of Malta writes:

I live in Malta, as indicated by the line above, and I do so love Moo Free's lovely, lovely, really rather nice chocolate, but the air fare in getting to U.K. to buy it is prohibitively expensive, and it takes too long by boat. Can I not just buy it here, in Malta, where I live, being as I am one of those Maltese marmosets of which you hear so much?

Marcella Marmoset

Well, Marcy (I can call you Marcy, can't I?), I have some good news for you. We have secured ourselves a Maltese distributor, so soon you, and any other of our Maltese fans, should be able to buy our products in your preferred food emporium... assuming that's on Malta too. So do keep an eye out, won't you?