Moo Free Watch: Coles Supermarket

On a shelf in a supermarket in Australia! The prices are in dollars and all!

I’ve just been told that our chocolate has been spotted in the wild out in Australia at a place called 'Coles'. I had a look on the internet and it seems Coles is some sort of ‘supermarket’, and I was really impressed! A supermarket! Like some sort of market that can leap tall buildings and stop trains and die melodramatically only to come back to life a couple of issues later in a special with Batman as a guest star.

...I’ve just been told that apparently we have supermarkets here and they’re just like really big shops and I even went to one this morning to buy some sweets if I’d been paying attention (though really, everything looks big to me). It's all very disappointing.

Well, anyway, Coles is apparently pretty big news. It’s apparently one of the biggest supermarket chains in all of Australia, so it’s still kind of exciting, for us, at least. Our original and bunnycomb Mini Moos are currently in about 186 stores, which seems to be about a quarter total.

This is all quite thrilling for us, seeing our chocolate for sale in foreign climes, and in a major place like Coles as well. Do keep an eye out won’t you, Australian fans?

...I wonder if those giant bouncy mice they have in Australia shop at Coles...