Margery Mouse's Super Fun Letter Time: A Choc-work Orange!

Oh, me, oh, my, it's a second instalment of Margery Mouse's Super Fun Letter Time. You asked for it. Don't pretend you didn't!

For those who weren’t paying attention last time (even though it was just established that you asked for it), this is my new fangled occasional segment where I answer totally real letters for all to see. Jeremiah Jerboa of Jarrow writes:

You promised us orange chocolate! I see no orange chocolate! You’re just playing with my emotions, aren’t you? AREN’T YOU!?

Jeremiah Jerboa

Well, Jezza (I can call you Jezza, can’t I?), aside from the fact I don't think it was promised per se (that would be bad business practice), I feel that you are not exactly appreciating the amount of time that is put into perfecting our chocolates before they make their way to you. No, no, much, much, much development goes into all this to make sure it's the delicious-est it can be.

We're confident of our new recipe though. Of course, there’s also the issue of marketing. If you've watched pretty much any TV, you'll know that marketing is the worst thing ever. Right now, we're looking to find the ideal spokes-animal for it; this can be a long and arduous process (or not; I just turned up one day*). Can't rush these things. We don't want another Mungo Mouse incident now do we?

Oops, I digress. If things work according to plan, we hope to start shipping them out by April, so you should be able to find them from your preferred purveyor of Moo Free chocolate over the summer.

As for your emotions, yes. Yes, I am!

*That reminds me… ahem. "While waiting for the new orange Mini Moo, why not partake in a delicious Moo Free Cranberry and Hazelnut bar, my favourite?"