Valentine's awards ceremony

THE RESULTS ARE IN! And my final Valentine's total is (Mentally insert drum roll here)…

16.6 lbs of chocolate! A new record!

I want to thank (in a very definite order) Mungo Mouse, my parents, and that guy (he knows who he is).

...HOWEVER I will not be satisfied until I defeat Lily-lu Lemur. Here I am with a trifling seven-and-a-half kilos of chocolate, and she's just gotten some obscene amount; she won't say how much, but my sources (or Mungo, as he's known) suggest she might have cracked 20 lbs. I don't trust him all that much, which means she could have as much as 5 million lbs. It'll be that FreeFrom Award she's up for, I’ll bet; it’ll have given her popularity a shot in the arm, no doubt.

As such, I advise against clicking either of the following links. Not that I can stop you.