Multi-cultural holiday bonanza!

Nanakshahi dasiry free chocolate

Do you know what day it is tomorrow? Other than Friday, I mean? That's right, it's beginning of the new year in the Nanakshahi calendar. You know though, there're some other things going on too, like Pi day and White day and the feast of Saint Matilda.

I'd like to say it's not every year that Pi day and White day fall on the same day, but that would be colossally untrue, so instead let me say that it's not every day that Pi day and White day fall on the same day. There! Absolute truth.

Of course, Pi day is too commercialised now; a total sham promoted by the pie industry to hawk their thoroughly unromantic wares (there's often not even any chocolate, the second most romantic of foodstuffs, involved) and claim it to be of scientific value. The basis is that March 14th constitutes the digits of pi... to two decimal places. Not very impressive. Also it only works if you write the day in a certain manner, so it's pretty weak, if you ask me.

White day is a much better made up holiday (because it involves chocolate). Did you know in Asian countries only women give chocolate on Valentine's? I don't know why. Maybe St Valentine's instructions on how to go about his day were being hoarded as a holy relic. Anyway, a month later is White day, when the menfolk give the wo-menfolk chocolate and sweets and that. It's supposed to be white chocolate though, and we don’t have any of that around here...

Bah! This day is the worst! I'm going to go get some pie to cheer myself up. Maybe make some chocolate tart.

...Hmm? Oh, the other holidays. Sikhism currently uses a tropical solar calendar called the Nanakshahi calendar, like the Gregorian one, to determine when religious festivals are. The first year coincides with the birth of the Guru Nanak, founder of Sikhism and after whom the calendar is named, so tomorrow will be the start of the year 546.

Meanwhile, Saint Matilda of Ringelheim was a German queen consort in the 10th century, who was booted out of court by her offspring for her incessant charity. They had odd priorities then. She's the patron saint of some eclectic stuff including, amongst other things, disappointing children.

Neither's particularly sweet based, sadly. I'd say Pi day or White day are your best bet if you’re after an excuse for that sort of thing. Still if anyone in Bavaria or Saxony wants in, who am I to stop them?