Margery Mouse's Super Fun Letter Time: Chocolate Hangover edition

Ah, I ate too much chocolate. It's been a week and I still feel ropey. ...And people just keep sending letters. This is the pits.

Beatrice Beaver of Beeswing has this to say for herself:

Dear Margot,
When can I buy the orange bar? When? When?! WHEN?!

Yours, etc.
Beatrice Beaver (Mrs)

Ugh, you people and your orange bars. We've only just passed Easter; how can you even think of such things? I don't have the energy to press any of this now though.
Anyway, Beattie (I can call you 'Beattie', can’t I?), the orange bar, or to give its full name, the Mini Moo Cheeky Orange bar, is off at the wholesaler and distribution agent type places, and should start materialising around May. It'll be the one in orange. I thought this was a bit obvious, but my mauve suggestion was dismissed quite quickly.

We don't have a proper product page for it just yet, but it is on the full list with some basic info, so here you go:

Imagine I did a witty sign off here, won't you? See you next time.