Margery Mouse's Super Fun Letter Time: Easter Eggs? In MY New Zealand?

New Zealand dairy free Easter egg

Yeah, I bet you thought I forgot all about Super Fun Letter Time, didn't you? Well, whatever; the date is whatever it says above (I don't see the need to keep track of such petty details), and so, as I'm sure you will agree, the time has come to PANIC! Not just generally, as no doubt you are anyway, but because we're neck deep in Holy Week, and so time to get precious, precious eggs in a-running out!

In the spirit of that, here's a letter that seems pretty pertinent. Keir Kiwi of Kingston writes:

Oh, Margey, Margey, Margey. My children are pestering me for milky type Easter eggs, influenced by the media no doubt, as being birds we have no real experience of dairy. My travels and travails have led me to your product, but by this time there's no way I can get any from England in time. I ought to give the little blighters a good hiding for leaving it so late letting me know. I digress. Is there any where locally I can get a hold of any Moo Free eggs?

Keir Kiwi

Well, Kiki (I can call you 'Kiki', can’t I?), as you may or may not have heard… may not, I guess, given as you’re asking; we've got a New Zealand distributor now, so hopefully you will be able to pick up our chocolate anywhere you please soon enough… unless they don’t sell chocolate… or food… or aren't a shop at all.

Well, anyway, for the time being, our dairy free Easter eggs are being sold by Naturally Organic in Albany, o'er in the Auckland area. While this is a very loose definition of local, they sell online and so are no doubt a better option than trying to buy from abroad in time (also we've sold out).

Well, then, I hope that cleared things up for any would be customers in far off New Zealand… though I suppose if you live there, then it's not very far off. Well, anyway, Naturally Organic are also selling our bars, so you can still pick up some stuff after Easter's gone.

And please don't call me 'Margey', especially not three times in a row. It makes me sound like some type of alternative to butter. Thanks.