Chocolat Sans Meu allons Bruxelles

dairy free chocolates in belgium

Hey, all my Moo Free buddies!

Did you know that on the 3rd and 4th of June Moo Free are in Bruxelles in la belle Belgique? 'Cos we are, you know, as we're going to be attending the Free From Food Expo, Europe's biggest free from food trade show! Actually, that was probably fairly self-explanatory. Anyway there'll be free from type business from all over the continent there, struttin' their stuff; it's like the dietary equivalent of Eurovision, except with less singing and dancing and awkward banter and voting based controversy and general campiness, so ultimately not at all like it really.

Tell your friends, assuming all your friends are in the food retail business, else they probably won't be there. I mean, it's a trade show, after all.