Father's day is upon us!

dairy free banana chocolate bar

It’s nearly Saint Father's day, so you should probably look to find something for your presumably not sainted father. Parents are pretty difficult to shop for, aren't they? Always claiming they don't want anything, then being all mopey when you don't get them anything. Still my father's happy with just about anything; typically cool as a cucumber in a blast chiller.

The only time I remember my old man snapping was this one time when I was a hopper and we were going to go to a Chinese restaurant for dinner and I was faffing about and so they were going to go without me and I ran out after them barefoot and I got a clout and the evening was ruined.

No, wait, that's something that happened a film I watched the other day. Ignore that. I was wondering why it was 1966 in my memory. No, then I guess I don't have any particular memories of my father. He probably deserves an especial commendation for being such an unobtrusive presence in my life or something… or is that the other way around? Well, whatever. His is an eclectic taste, so I've gone and gotten a couple of our Dairy Free Crunchy Banana Bars for him.

Elsewhere, Mikey Bunny has apparently been hoarding a quartet of bars for a Father's day competition; why not go have a look if you’re too cheap to buy your dad a present?