Happy Birthday at least six times!

dairy free queen

Monday is one of the Queen's many, many birthdays, and so is the following Saturday. Why does one woman need so many Birthdays you ask? That first one is in the one in Australia, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, so she'll only be a year older if she visits any of those places. She is already older than that in New Zealand though, as she was born a week earlier there, and in Canada she was born in May. Did you know in the Falklands her birthday is the 21st of April? Apparently that's the truest of her birthdays.

If the Queen has a half-dozen or so birthdays a year though she's looking very, very good for her age.

Given the fanciness of the occasion, you should probably crack out something fancy to eat when watching a fancy lady look at some fancy men on fancy horses. Hmm, what would I recommend? Well, the Cranberry & Hazelnut Bar is obviously the best bar and I'd argue the most luscious, so that seems like a good contender. The Original Dairy Free Chocolate Bar is a classic though, so that might be worth a try too; oh, and the Caramelised Hazelnut Nibs Bars are quite a mature refined taste, so that maybe? Hmm, decisions, eh...?