Sumer Is Icumen In

dairy free orange chocolate bar

No, wait, old-timey 'sumer' is actually spring!

Anyway, yes, the solstice is imminent, so soon we won't have this rotten summer here to make chocolate making difficult. I guess that's not true exactly; shifts in climate make the autumn increasingly hot. I can't remember the specifics. I tried asking and the gist seemed to be "mumble mumble mumble". I think this means that mumbling causes climate change, so stop and think what you're doing to the planet, children. All this half-hearted talk is messing with the poles, and we need those to save us from the solar winds!

I'm drifting off topic again. A lot of countries have celebrations for solstices and equinoxes still, though the significance has pretty much gone in many, short of the day length fanciness. Still you're supposed to be making merry, and chocolate is arguably the merriest of foodstuffs, even if it is also among the meltiest. Our most summery bar is the Mini Moo Cheeky Orange Bar, obviously, and as it's a Mini Moo, you wouldn't have to worry about it melting all over the place while you watch your wicker man burn.

No, wait, that was May Day.

Our new dairy free orange bar should be perfect for your merrymaking needs, so why not pick some up to enjoy and then go find a production of Pyramus and Thisbe?