Boom Bang-a-bang!

It's a New Worldy sort of time, as not only is it Canada day today (the celebration of the formation of the various colonies into what we call Canada in these here days, don't you know? ...Well, sort of. They added more bits on later), but it's American Independence day at the end of the week. In actual fact, lots of countries have independence days around the beginning of July; I guess it's the time for it. Maybe I should declare myself a sovereign state?

Well, with all this freedom and what-not going about, you're (that is to say 'I'm') going to need one of them pickernick baskets. A plastic bag won't do, unless you’re some kind of traitor. I've got several ready, because I just take any excuse, you might have noticed. I made a quiche and watercress sandwiches and some lemonade and have stuffed whatever space is left with tasty chocolate for afters; it was difficult to decide what would be best for the situation, but I decided that the way to go for a picnic was to take Moo Free's dairy free and gluten free chocolate drops, because the handy bag will let me play it by ear. (The tune will mostly be BOOM!)

Hmm...? No, I haven't asked any one to come with. Why would I waste these picnic treats on anyone else?