Margery Mouse's Super Fun Letter Time: Beyond Melting Point

Oh, oh, my dear reader, it's too hot. I set up a baker's dozen of fans around the place to keep cool, but got told off due to the amount of electricity I was "wasting". (On that note, how is it a waste? Keeping cool is important.) This weather... I don'ts likes it, and it's bad for the dairy free chocolate too. Which reminds me, I got this letter about the situation…

Armando Armadillo of Armagh writes:

Margo! Margo! Help! My chocolate won't stop melting! What should I do?

Armando Armadillo

Well, Mandy (I can call you 'Mandy', right?), the classic solution to your situation is to put it in the fridge, or failing that a cold wet sack (Disclaimer: Moo Free in no way takes endorses the use of wet sacks as a place to store food).

OR you could try using Moo Free's chocolates in a melty form; dunk biscuits in it, put it in cake mix, spread it on your toast, put it in your tea, pour it over your cereal, fling it at people you don't like, tip it down your gullet; the possibilities are endless!

OR you could try pretending it's supposed to be like that.

OR, you know, you could try eating your Moo Free chocolae before it melts (that's what normal people do!).

I hope that helps with your crisis, Mandy Mandy, and indeed anyone out there with similar issues. As for me, I think I need a siesta (that's Summer for 'nap', you know), so I'm going to see if the secret nap place that is totally not behind the stairs is free. I might even take along a bar or two of Moo Free chocolate to keep me company...