dairy free chocolate carrots


Moo Free Chocolates a manufacturer of dairy free and vegan friendly chocolates have announced today that they have developed a low calorific, low sugar chocolate using a mixture of vegetables. Surprisingly the primary ingredient for this new chocolate tasting mix is carrots.
The strange combination of vegetables was first discovered by Mikey Bunny from Moo Free.

“It came as a big shock to us all when we found out. I was playing around with a mixture of carrots, beetroot and a few other vegetables trying to make a new soup.” said Mikey Bunny.

“I was a bit upset at first when I added some potatoes and the mixture went brown. I was going to paw it down the sink at this point but Kitty Cakes who will eat anything said that she would have it. To my surprise she gobbled it all up and told me that my new chocolate mixture was gorgeous!”

Mikey Bunny is still not sure exactly what the ratio of ingredients was and is desperately trying to reproduce the chocolatey tasting vegetable mix. We tried to get a statement from Kitty Cakes regarding the exact flavour but she was too busy having a cat nap.

For further details on Moo Free and their products visit their website