5 Friendly Health Tips For New Vegans


Over recent years the development of vegan friendly products has dramatically increased, through the creation of vegan friendly cheese to our very own dairy-free chocolates at Moo Free. With these industry developments being readily available in supermarkets around the world - the vegan community has also grown greatly! It is well known that living vegan can have an extremely positive effect to your health and lifestyle - IF DONE RIGHT!

So, to help any of you that are thinking of becoming a vegan, Moo Free have put together some useful tips to help make sure you become a healthy one.

1. Iron
When you decide to give up animal products, you are also giving up a major source of Iron. It is extremely important that you replace this in your diet with either Iron tablets or a heap load of Brassicas (vegetables that contain iron) to avoid becoming anaemic! Your body needs Iron to survive, but beware, like many other nutrients, iron is also harmful in high amounts. Get your iron intake wrong and you can become extremely ill.

2. Vitamin A
Similar to that of Iron, Vitamin A is important and for this spinach is a great answer! Along with carrots and many other bright vegetables that provide Beta Carotene, which the body can convert into Vitamin A.

3. Boredom
A common misunderstanding with being a vegan is that people feel they are going to miss out on meals out and not be able to make most recipes. Well fear not! As the products for vegans increase, so does the choice of restaurants and vegan recipes. You will find loads of vegan recipes on Instagram, websites and blogs that offer exciting and delicious ways to create vegan friendly meals as well as many restaurants around the world who now offer fantastic, tasty, vegan opinions. Death by risotto is a thing of the past (well, almost)!

4. You can probably eat more! Yay!
When you decide to become a vegan, it probably won’t occur to you that you might need to make larger portions and eat more often. Living on a diet that is completely free of all animal products means that you probably won’t be getting the same level of calories as you did before. Don’t second guess that third helping but do beware of processed sugars and too many unhealthy fats. Chips with every meal is not the answer!

5. Limit the vegan junk food
A common mistake that people make is assuming that all vegan products are naturally good for you, after all, they are mainly made of fruit and vegetables right? Well, natural products are, of course, but don’t think that you can live off processed vegan cheese and ham and still be living a healthy vegan lifestyle. You need to make sure that you are still eating a healthy, balanced diet - but do be sure to treat yourself now and then, you deserve it! :)

So there you have a few tips to help you get started. Make sure that you are still giving your body all the nutrients and vitamins that it needs and you will have a much smoother and more successful transition when becoming a vegan. Being a vegan shouldn't limit your life, only improve it and that of animals! So, what are you waiting for?