Impossible Burger! Is it the future?

Impossible Foods

We here at Moo Free are in full support of businesses and people that aim to revolutionise the food production industry into a greener, healthier and better system, and we are constantly amazed by the developments and progress that is being achieved.
Just when you think Vegan products couldn't get any better - BOOM! Along comes ‘Impossible Foods’. Heard of them? You’ll want to!

Patrick O. Brown, who after being a professor of Biochemistry at Stanford University for 25 years, decided to re-direct his brilliant talents into developing meat replacements - fast forward to 2012 and behold! ‘Impossible Foods’ is born! But what makes these products any different from other animal product imitations you ask? (Other than the fact it’s been invested in by Bill Gates himself!)

‘Impossible Foods’ guarantee that all of their products will have no cholesterol, hormones or antibiotics. They are completely organic and natural and safe - and that alone would be worthy of applause, but there’s more..

In 2016, Patrick and his team are due to launch - ‘The Impossible Burger’. All the taste, texture, colour and appearance of beef including the sizzle when it hits the pan. How? PLANTS! They discovered that a molecule called heme is the “magic ingredient” that gives meat its crave-able flavour and smell. Although it’s exceptionally abundant in meat, heme is essential to every branch of life, including plants!

Now - we know that this isn't going to be appealing to everyone, if you hate resemblance of any meat based product you might not enjoy ‘The Impossible Burger’, but with it’s creation making the conversion to a vegan lifestyle less drastic - do you think more people will take the plunge?
Could products like this change the eating habits of future generations?