Our Ethics


Within Moo Free, all aspects of the business are based on the highest ethical standards!

An outline of some of the ways that we implement our ethical principles within our own business are as follows:

Not only do we want our chocolates to taste great, we also want to make sure that we buy from suppliers who look after both their workers and the environment. That's why we use ethically sourced and organic ingredients in all of our products. Fairly traded because that helps to ensure that the farms are treated fairly both financially and physically. The organic certifications also helps to ensure that they have not been exposed to any cheap and unnecessary nasty chemicals, many of which may be banned in other countries. We also believe that the consumers should receive and enjoy all of our products. Always! That is why we will only ever use quality ingredients to ensure that they enjoy the great favours that we intended every time.

We want our packaging to have the lowest possible impact on the environment as possible. To achieve this we try to use as little packaging for our products as possible. We also try to ensure that the packaging that we do use is either recyclable or biodegradable as quickly as possible.

As an equal opportunities employer we ensure that all employees are treated fairly and that no job applicants or employee receives less favourable treatment than anyone else regardless of gender, disability or any other reason. We also believe that our chocolate production should impact the environment as little as possible. One of the things that we do to help us achieve this is recycle over 93% of our production waste.