It's all about me!

Lily Lu watching Cheeky Chops climb a tree

Eek! Hi there everyone Lily Lu Lemur here, doing something a little different for this post. This time, I wanted do a proper introduction of myself so here goes...

To start off I’m a ringed tail lemur, named for the black and white ring like pattern on our tails. I work on the production line at the Moo Free factory, and I’m usually in charge of my favourite bar - the Minty Moo! My favourite foods are fruit, nuts, leaves and, of course, chocolate - though I seem to be the only lemur who likes it (although tamarind fruit makes me go equally bonkers eek!) I also enjoy basking in the sun (though I live in Britain so those times can be few and far between but when they are it’s great).

I tend to be very excitable, and I usually let out an eek when I am - it’s just something I can’t help. On the other hand, it works well with my athletic nature, giving me the energy to keep fit and climb the tallest tree. Although Cheeky Chops is a lot better at climbing than me, whenever we have a jumping competition I am the master and I always beat everyone else - eek!

Anyway, I’m off to write up the next blog post – typing with these paws is difficult, you see, so it can take me a bit of time!

See you next post!


Lily Lu Lemur