Mikey Bunny's Easter Egg Hunt

Mikey Bunny's Easter Egg Hunt on The Vegan Society's Website

Eek! Exciting news today. I’m proud to announce our annual Moo Free Easter egg hunt! Mikey Bunny is understandably very excited as it’s his favourite time of the year.

Each year he visits various webpages on The Vegan Society's website, leaving Moo Free Easter eggs in all sorts of places, ready for people to find. All you need to do is click on them to enter our competition – eek! Let’s hope that Kitty Cakes doesn’t find out, we nearly had to cancel it one time when she cheated and found all the eggs and nearly scoffed them all up!

Here’s how it works. When you find one of the Moo Free Chocolates Easter eggs, depending on the type of egg it is (Original, Bunnycomb, or Orangel) you’ll enter the draw for that egg however the more eggs you find from separate pages the better chance you have of winning- eek! For example, if you find Bunnycomb eggs 3 times from 3 different pages you’ll have 3 chances of winning that egg. In fact, if you find all the eggs you could even win three of them – eek!

You can find the competition here.

Best of luck and happy hunting.


Lily Lu Lemur