Allergy Awareness Week 2017

Allergy Awareness Week 2017

Eek! - there’s a very significant event starting this week - it’s Allergy Awareness Week!

From April 24th until May 1st, the charity Allergy UK will be helping to spread valuable information about understanding allergies. A few years ago people didn’t know as much about food allergies. That’s all changed, thanks to charities like Allergy UK and companies like Koko Dairy Free, Booja Booja and - of course - Moo Free Chocolates!

This year, the primary topic will be 'Eczema: Are We Just Scratching the Surface?', although no doubt there will be lots of really interesting information on allergies!

You’ll be able to follow the event by clicking here, and you can also follow it on their social media sites:


What's more, Moo Free Chocolates are just perfect for Allergy Awareness Week as they're completely free from:
• Dairy
• Gluten
• Soya
• Wheat
• Casein
• Lactose

…and they're also certified organic and vegan!

See you all soon – eek!


Lily Lu Lemur