Bonkers Bunnycomb

Rosie Rabbit's Bonkers Bunnycomb

Hi everyone - Rosie Rabbit here!

Lily-Lu isn’t here this week, she mentioned she had to do some research for the next blog post (though I think she’s sneaked off to do the monkey bar challenge at the local gym…).

Anyway, she asked me to do a blog post – and I’ve decided to talk about Moo Free Chocolates' scrummy honeycomb.

Sometimes, I get calls on my carrot phone about the Bunnycomb bar’s honeycomb. There seems to be some confusion surrounding the word ‘honeycomb’ on the back of the bar.

The ingredients in the honeycomb (or cinder toffee) in the Bunnycomb bar are sugar, glucose syrup and sodium bicarbonate. That’s it – definitely no honey or beeswax! The name is because of its shape as it’s similar to the honeycomb made by bees.

Sadly, calling the ingredient Bunnycomb brings legal complications and calling it cinder toffee is also confusing as toffee often contains dairy and gluten. Rest assured though – the bunnycomb is completely dairy-free and gluten-free, and also 100% vegan!

Oh - and it doesn't have any bunnies in it, either!

See you soon,

Rosie Rabbit