Recycling and Moo Free Chocolates

Recycling symbol

Hello everyone, it's Margery Mouse here.

Today, in celebration of World Environment Day and Moo Free's commitment to being as environmentally friendly as possible, I thought I'd discuss recycling Moo Free Chocolates’ packaging.

Almost all the Moo Free products’ packaging is recyclable in some way - this is important to Hammy Hamster and all the Moo Free Friends as we care about protecting the environment. For example, the cases we use to transport Moo Free chocolates are recyclable by standard cardboard recycling methods.

What’s more important is that the plastic we use in our packaging is also recyclable. However, you can’t just throw it in regular plastic recycling as it falls under the “mixed plastics” category. We have to use this plastic to keep the chocolate allergen-safe and protected.

Mixed plastics is defined as “all non-bottle plastic packaging sourced from the domestic waste stream, and it includes rigid and flexible plastic items of various polymer types and colours that are typically found in the household waste bin. It excludes plastic bottles and non-packaging items." 1

Currently, industrial plans like PIRAP are paving the way to ensure more plastic is recycled . In fact, 74% of local councils now recycle mixed plastics, meaning just under three quarters of you can recycle the plastic on Moo Free packaging!

More info can be found here.

Be sure to check with your local council to see if they do mixed plastic collection.

See you all soon.

Lots of love,

Margery Mouse.

1. Definition of Mixed Plastics