Made with Moo Free

Made with Moo Free

Hi everyone, Margery here.

Are you a wizard in the kitchen? Are you the king/queen of cuisine? Then Moo Free Chocolates has an exciting activity for you.

We here at Moo Free are creating a “Made with Moo Free” folder on the Moo Free Chocolates Facebook page. We are going to fill it with your submitted recipes that are free from and vegan friendly that use Moo Free Chocolates. (You can use non-free from/vegan ingredients if you list alternatives alongside them so everyone can enjoy making the recipe).

You can submit your recipes to Hammy Hamster here and the Made with Moo Free folder can be viewed here. Please remember to include an image with all submissions!

For every recipe chosen by Hammy Hamster and uploaded to Facebook we’ll send you a selection of Moo Free Chocolates. Be sure to take your time as this is an ongoing activity (unless we run low on chocolate to give out that is!).

Have fun!

P.S. The 'Made with Moo Free' activity is open to everyone, everywhere!