Made with Moo Free: Alex's 'free from' Rocky Road

Hello everyone,

Today, I get to share another recipe with you. Alex and his mum made this recipe and very kindly sent it to the Moo Free Friends. We just couldn't keep all this deliciousness to ourselves, so here it is - a recipe for 'free from' Rocky Road, made using Moo Free!


200g Moo Free Chocolate
125g Pure margarine
10 digestive biscuits
As many cut up dried apricots as you'd like
3 table spoons golden syrup
100g mini marsh mallows ( or more!) [you could also use Freedom Mallows' vegan marshmallows instead]
Sprinkled freeze dried strawberries ( optional)

1. Melt the margarine, chocolate and syrup in a pan on the hob.
2. Smashed up the biscuits in a bag with a rolling pin
3. Pour a small bit of the melted chocolate mix in a cup to save for later.
4. Put into the saucepan the marsh mallows, apricots and crushed biscuits and mix it up.
5. Pour it into a ceramic dish and then pour over the extra saved melted chocolate .
6. Sprinkle on some freeze dried strawberries.
7. Leave in the fridge for two hours
8. Enjoy!

As a big "THANK YOU" for this scrummy recipe, Alex and his mum have won themselves some Moo Free Chocolates!

If you'd like to win yourself some Moo Free, just send Hammy Hamster an email with your 'free from' recipe and an image. If Hammy Hamster picks your recipe for her "Made with Moo Free" album, you'll win some Moo Free Chocolates.