Organic September 2017

Organic September 2017 Logo

Hi everyone, Margery here.

It’s going to be an exciting month this month as it’s Organic September.

Organic September is a national campaign to help increase awareness for the organic lifestyle and produce. Hosted by the Organic Soil Association, the campaign has managed to reach at least 31 million people through press releases along with 21 million via social media in the last year alone.

Each year the campaign helps promote smaller businesses the cater towards organic products. It also:

• Teaches about the background of organic food along with the benefits it carries
• Encourages people to discuss on social media (via the hashtag #ChooseOrganic) why they chose the lifestyle
• Shares organic recipes from the UKs Best Chefs.
• Promotes organic box schemes – where you can have a box of selected fruit veg and other organic foods delivered to your door step.

Moo Free Chocolates can happily say that all our chocolate is certified organic, GMO free and free from dairy, wheat, gluten, casein and soya, so be sure to pick up a few bars if you’re taking part!

You can find your nearest supplier of organic Moo Free Chocolates by going to our store locater found here.