Animal Aid and Moo Free Chocolates

Animal Aid Logo

Today we wanted to talk about a charity that has done a lot of work with Moo Free Chocolates.

That group is Animal Aid. This animal rights group campaigns against the abuse of animals and strives to promote a cruelty-free lifestyle. Other aspects include:

  • Promotion of Veganism and reducing the amount of meat consumed daily
  • Exposing the extent of the cruelty found within slaughterhouses
  • Reducing the use of animals in experimentation such as cosmetics, toiletries and household cleaning or garden products
  • Protesting legislation that lessens the protection of animals
  • Campaigning against the hunting of animals for sport / clothing

Animal Aid attends and promotes all sorts of vegan events. In fact, this year they celebrated their 40th birthday with the Vegan Festival of Britain (20th May – 10th June). You can find a calendar of what events they’re attending here, and we've also donated some chocolate to support one of their upcoming events - The South West Christmas Without Cruelty Festival in Exeter on Saturday 18 November.

Moo Free Chocolates can happily say that our products are completely vegan and dairy free and are not tested on any animals whatsoever.

You can find more information about the group over at the Animal Aid website.