Moo Free's Latest News

We’re near the end of January, doesn’t time fly. Moo Free Chocolates is growing every day and we have a lot planned for this year. Unfortunately, we can’t divulge everything today, but we can let you know about the expansion of our product range.

If you haven’t seen it already we now have our new Choccy Chum Surprises available. Each individual pack features one of the Moo Free Friends. Which one will you get?

We also have a new Easter egg coming out – which we’ll tell you more about soon. All we can say for now is that it’s bigger than our other eggs and we’re gearing this one towards the adults – though we also have the Original, Bunnycomb and Orange eggs available as well. We also have a new Easter themed bar – the Rosie Rabbit bar.
Be sure to check back for a more detailed blog post closer to Easter.

As part of our expansion plans, we’re not just launching new products. In fact, we’re always going to trade shows to help get Moo Free Chocolates into more and more countries, coincidentally we will be at ISM - the world’s leading trade fair for sweets and snacks, based in Germany at the end of the month. Business folks only we’re afraid to say but keep an eye out for when we announce convention visits if you want to meet the team.

There is one other important thing we have going on at the moment, but we can’t say anything until later on in the year. Hopefully it won’t be for too much longer!