Veganuary 2018

Veganuary 2018 Logo

It’s a brand-new year and already we’re off to a busy start. This month is Veganuary, it’s the 4th year running for the charity which helps teach about the vegan lifestyle. Their website has loads of info on veganism including:

  • Suggestions for vegan recipes – there’s so many to choose from we can’t pick out a favourite
  • Debunk some of the myths surrounding veganism
  • The best places to eat
  • Limited time discounts on vegan specific items

All Moo Free Chocolates products are vegan friendly as well as dairy free, gluten free, casein free, soya free, lactose and GMO free, why not celebrate the month with one of our many products, who knows you might be able to create something entirely new!

So, if you’re curious or on the fence about being a vegan visit the Veganuary Website today.

Check out our Moo free range as well.