Pancake Day

It’s a triple whammy of events this week. Not only is it Valentine’s day this Wednesday but it’s also Pancake day, aka Shrove Tuesday, which also means that Wednesday is also Ash Wednesday – the beginning of Lent – a Christian tradition that includes fasting (not eating fatty, rich foods or meat) until Easter. For the rest of us it’s a good excuse to just eat pancakes.

Obviously most normal pancakes are made of fatty ingredients and more importantly non-dairy, gluten free or vegan ingredients such as flour, eggs and milk. However, a simple google search of free from pancake recipes/vegan pancake recipes reveals loads of alternative recipes that you can use to join in.

What will you put on yours? Sugar? Chocolate? Blueberry? Or will you find some new way, the possibilities are endless!

Don’t forget that if you’re making a free from pancake Moo Free Chocolate products are all dairy free, lactose free, gluten and wheat free, casein free and soya free. We’re also vegetarian & vegan friendly. We recommend our Choccy Drops or our Baking Drops but you could melt either a Large Original Bar or a couple of Mini Moo Original bars if you want a more syrup-like topping for your pancakes.