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Hazelnut Nibs Egg

Organic Caramelised Hazelnut Nibs Egg

caramelised hazelnut nibs eggcaramelised hazelnut nibs eggcaramelised hazelnut nibs eggcaramelised hazelnut nibs egg

This limited edition, large, luxury Easter egg is made from Moo Free's multi-award winning, organic chocolate. The shell of this Easter egg is then infused with pieces of caramelised hazelnut to produce an amazing caramel and nutty flavour. The caramelised, hazelnut nibs egg is part of our grown-up range called The Art Collection and features a work of art by a very talented, up-and-coming artist. The artwork on this Easter egg is entitled "Determination 1" and celebrates the power of women. Moo Free is proud to support Carlamaria and share her belief that women truly are amazing and that everybody, regardless of sex, race or any other factor should be treated equally and without discrimination of any kind.

Like all of our other chocolates, these luxury, organic Easter eggs are dairy free, gluten free, soya free and 100% vegan.

Well in total my son recieved 7 Moo Free eggs and i have to say the carmalised hazlenut egg is delish!


About The Artist

carlamaria jacksoncarlamaria jacksoncarlamaria jackson

Moo Free's "The Art Collection" supports new and upcoming artists by combining beautiful works of art with our products to create unique and stunning packaging. Our aim is to introduce you to these very talented artists and help them to gain the recognition that they deserve.

Carlamaria Jackson is a digital artist who uses photography, digital painting, image augmentation and aggregated techniques to create limited edition prints that explore the female form. Her work is inspired by the old masters' use of the female form in western art history and its relevancy today in our media dominated, celebrity culture. She explores the fine line between the sensual celebration and sexual exploitation of women, a subject that has divided feminism since its conception.

The artwork "Determination 1" pays homage to remarkable female boxers such as Nicola Adams (GB), Ren Cancan (CN) and Mary Spencer (CA) whose sport was finally given the recognition that it deserves during the London Olympics Games in 2012.