Original Easter Egg

Original Organic Easter Egg

Dairy Free, Original Organic Easter Egg

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Mikey Bunny was upset when he discovered that some people couldn't eat milk chocolate Easter eggs. Then he met Hammy Hamster and her Moo Free friends. Hammy makes amazing, dairy free eggs that taste just like milk chocolate. So now Mikey Bunny is very happy because everyone can have a delicious Easter egg.

These dairy free Easter eggs are made using Hammy's multi-award winning organic rice milk chocolate. Each dairy free and gluten free Easter egg is then packed into cute and unique Easter egg boxes that feature Mikey Bunny. Our dairy free and vegan Easter eggs are perfect for kids or adults of any age who have food allergies, are vegan or simply enjoy fun, quality chocolate.

This dairy free, gluten free and soya free Easter egg is unique. We don't believe that you will find another organic, milk chocolate tasting, dairy free Easter egg like this manufactured anywhere else in the world.

Each dairy free Easter egg is made in our UK factory that does not manufacture milk chocolate or any other milk based products. As with all of our dairy free chocolates our dairy free Easter eggs are made using a combination of natural, organic and ethically sourced ingredients.

I've just found your company details online and I am so excited. As we are close to Easter, I really didn't want to go another year with my dairy allergic son yet again missing out on the Easter egg goodies. I can't wait to see his face light up on Easter Sunday when for the first time in his life he will get an Easter egg that he can actually eat.

M Hadden