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  • Everyday: Dairy Free & Vegan Bunnycomb Bar (80g)
    Everyday:  Dairy Free & Vegan Bunnycomb Bar (80g)
    From £1.79
  • Mini Bar: Dairy Free & Vegan Milk Chocolate 6 Pack
    dairy free vegan milk chocolate bar
    From £3.60
  • Choccy Rocks: Dairy Free & Vegan Mallows
    dairy free vegan chocolate marshmallows
    From £1.20
  • Dairy Free & Vegan, Organic Choccy Chum Surprise 10 Pack
    kids dairy free vegan chocolate bars lunchbox
    From £5.50

About Moo Free

Making chocolate that everyone can enjoy!

Here at Moo Free we believe there’s no such thing as normal.

We champion the fact that everyone is different, broadening minds through our glorious, dairy-free, vegan chocolate.

We aren't saying this to toot our own horn, but to show others that acting in an inclusive, human way is easy.

So here's to the non-conformists. The Moo-vers and shakers of the world. The pioneers of different.

After all, it's only through seeing the world differently that we can hope to change it.

About Our Chocolate

Multi-award winning dairy free, vegan chocolate

We've been winning awards for our delicious dairy free, vegan chocolate since 2010!

Since then, we're extremeley proud to have become one of the UK's favourite and most well-known "free from" chocolate suppliers.

You'll find our dairy free, vegan chocolate in many of the UK's most popular supermarkets...a testament to the quality and popularity of our dairy free chocolate products.

If you've enjoyed our products from the shelves of the UK's biggest supermarkets, then you're going to just love the full range of dairy free, vegan chocolates here on the website!

From delicious, dairy free chocolate bars and kids vegan chocolate that's ideal for packed lunches, to our dairy free milk chocolate and vegan baking chocolate, there's something for every dairy dodging, choccy lover here at Moo Free!