Wholesale Dairy Free, Vegan Chocolate

Are you looking for a reliable, reputable supplier of wholesale dairy free chocolate or wholesale vegan chocolate in the UK? To make an application as a wholesale customer, please use our dedicated trade site over at moofreewholesale.co.uk 


Whether you trade online or have a physical bricks and mortar retail store, run a catering business or food establishment, are a chef or a baker, we're able to supply you our multi-award winning dairy free, vegan chocolate products via our dedicated trade website. 


wholesale dairy free vegan chocolate supplier


Established in 2010, Moo Free is one of the UK's most popular and well-known "free from" chocolate manufacturers who cater to those with special dietary requirements, allergies, or intolerances. 

Businesses who open up a trade account on our dedicated wholesale chocolate site will gain access to some of the best free from chocolate products in the UK and worldwide:

- Wholesale Dairy Free Chocolate 

- Wholesale Vegan Chocolate 

- Wholesale Lactose Free Chocolate 

- Wholesale Gluten Free Chocolate

- Wholesale Soya Free Chocolate 

To make an application as a trade seller, please use our wholesale site over at moofreewholesale.co.uk or for any questions about trading our products or wholesale supply, please contact trade@moofreechocolates.co.uk.