Introducing Choccy Rocks

Introducing Choccy Rocks

Look out for something totally new from Moo Free this January.

Our range of amazing free from and vegan chocolate has a really exciting addition. Wonderful choccy creations in a bag! These are the special treat we’ve all been waiting for. So - feet up, Netflix and a bag of Moo Free Choccy Rocks (or two). That sounds like a pretty good evening to us.


The brand new Choccy Rocks range from Moo Free has FOUR delicious centres covered in glorious Moo Free Rainforest Alliance chocolate. In these chunky delights, you’ll find crunchy malt biscuit, vegan mallow, plump raisins and our famous Bunnycomb.


Bunnycomb Choccy Rocks

Choccy Rocks  Bunnycomb - Vegan Chocolate 

You often tell us how much you love our Bunnycomb and, although we’re not supposed to have favourites, we at Moo Free HQ can’t help having a particular soft spot for this. With that in mind, we made chunks of magnificent, golden Bunnycomb and coated them in our Rainforest Alliance milk choc. Just in case you’re new to Moo Free and the wonder of Bunnycomb, it’s vegan honeycomb. No bees are involved in the making of these vegan chocolate wonders!



Choccy Rocks Moofreesas

 Choccy Rocks  MooFreesas - Vegan Chocolate

We have been overwhelmed by requests to make a vegan version of a certain malty ball in a red packet. Ta da! You asked, we made. Get your teeth into this wonderful choccy and crunchy biscuit combo. A packet of these is a great way to reward yourself for just about anything.

As well as grabbing them in our online shop, you can get your Moofreesas from our friends at Waitrose and Vegan Kind.


Choccy Rocks Vegan Mallows

 Choccy Rocks  Marshmallows - Vegan Chocolate

The word “mallows” just conjures up such wonderful images – piles of bouncy, fluffy sweetness in pastel colours, fires with mallows on sticks and childhood parties. Well, we’ve put all of those feelings in a bag for you. We’ve coated soft squidgy mallows in our delicious Rainforest Alliance milk choc for you to enjoy. Yummy.



Choccy Rocks Choc Raisins

Choccy Rocks  Raisins - Vegan Chocolate 


Chocolate and raisins are one of those classic combinations. They go together like rhubarb and custard, like jeans and a t-shirt and like Shrek and Fiona. We are so excited about these, delicious fruity raisins covered in our Rainforest Alliance chocolate. If you love these, take a photo of yourself with your precious loot and tag us on Instagram. We just love to see your smiling faces.