Highlights of 2021

Highlights of 2021

Like everyone, we've had a variable year - one of highs and lows. There have been challenges of course but our customers, followers and friends have kept us buoyant.

We wanted to share with you some highlights of our social media throughout 2021. We've enjoyed looking back and hope you do, too!



Well, everyone loves a giveaway, don't they. Especially when the prize is lots of delicious Moo Free vegan chocolate.


April Fool! Only this sort of backfired when some of you said that you'd actually like sprout flavoured choccy!


You wanted more Bunnycomb so we gave you more Bunnycomb. Everyone gets so excited when we launch new chocolate. Have you tried the Bunnycomb Crunch yet?


You generously shared with us your allergy stories for National Allergy Week. We read sad, funny, heartwarming and brave stories and learnt a lot about our free from community.


We have won many awards and we don't take a single one for granted. There are so many amazing businesses in the vegan and free from space and it's always an honour to be included with these wonderful people.


You lot went bonkers for our white chocolate eggs. And rightly so. They are delicious (we're allowed to be biased, right?).


We do like to see the brilliant people from the shops and outlets that sell Moo Free Chocolate. And so do you, it seems!


We were all bowled over by Sian's Valentine's gift.





And just because we're a handsome bunch...


From all of us at Moo Free, have a wonderful Christmas, a peaceful New Year and may all of your dreams come true in 2022.