World Chocolate Day

World Chocolate Day

World Chocolate Day is on Wednesday 7th July 2021 and is our kind of day. We love chocolate (obviously!) so we think it’s only right that a day has been dedicated to celebrating it. We think that the day is not only a brilliant opportunity to celebrate its very existence but also for us to celebrate how we use our passion for making super-tasty dairy-free chocolate to make the world a better place.

Experts say that eating chocolate triggers the release of hormones similar to those activated when we’re in love. Feelings of love are just one of the amazing benefits we get from chocolate.

World Chocolate Day  - vegan chocolate pile


Choccy made with love


Here at Moo Free, we believe that chocolate should always be amazing and should never be detrimental to anyone or anything. That’s why we make sure that our vegan chocolate is kind to both people and the planet - right through from when it comes out of the ground to when you sit back with your glorious choccy and feel those love hormones.

You may be aware that some of the ways in which chocolate is farmed, made and packaged can have an adverse impact on farmers and workers and also the environment. At Moo Free, sustainability and ethical production are at the core of everything we do. Here are some ways we are leading the way in responsible chocolate production:


Organic cocoa


All the cocoa we use in our Premium bars is organic. That means no pesticides are used, so neither the natural environment nor the workforce is ever exposed to harmful chemicals.

 World chocolate day rainforest

UTZ/Rainforest Alliance


The remainder of delicious Moo Free choc is made using UTZ/Rainforest Alliance cocoa. These are two organisations which joined forces to help support sustainable farming and provide better opportunities for farmers and their families. Slave labour is a concern in cocoa production but using Rainforest Alliance alliance-certified cocoa means that farming methods and standards for workers are inspected and approved.




Whether you are vegan yourself or just cutting down on food products derived from animals, you can be sure that nothing was ever taken from an animal to make our super-tasty chocolate.




Here at Moo Free, we are BIG on recycling. The idea of something being used once and then thrown away is a massive ‘no-no’. Moo Free’s packaging also plays a pivotal role within our ethics and we do not use single-use plastics. Currently, plastic that we use is 95% recycled and we’ve set ourselves an ambitious goal to make that figure 100% by 2022. We are proud to say that we do not send any waste to landfill. Finding the best solutions for waste is our obsession and we’re always seeking out ways to ensure that nothing is thrown away. For example, our wasted flow wrap packaging is recycled into a membrane that is used in the building industry. How cool is that?


World Chocolate day recycling 

British-made in Devon


Anyone wishing to reduce their carbon footprint will be pleased to know that our chocolate is made and packaged here in lovely Devon. We employ 50 people from the local community and our happy workforce is diverse, hard-working and fun. Working in a choc factory is your dream job, right? We are fantastically proud of our diverse workforce, of which over 15% are autistic.


Furthermore, we are just thrilled that we have been able to employ five local young people under the government Kickstart scheme. The government contributes to the wages of the employees under the scheme and we pay the rest. We are able to give them six months work experience with a view to possibly employing them full time at the end of the scheme. 

 World chocolate day - Moo Free team

Making the world a better place


So, forgive us for blowing our own trumpets but we think that we make the world a better place by bringing you amazing vegan and ‘free from’ chocolate while leading the way in ethical and sustainable practices. Nothing makes us happier than to see other fabulous choc-makers following our path and adopting our ways of working.


Happy World Chocolate Day! Have an enormous pile of chocolate to celebrate!