Moo Free Friends

The Moo Free Friends

So, you want to know who the Moo Free friends are do you? Well, you've definitely come to the right page. Here you can find out who we are and what we all do in the dairy free chocolate factory. We will also let you know what our favourite things in the whole-wide-world are, besides our scrummy dairy free chocolate of course.

Hammy Hamster

hammy hamster

Hammy is the big chief at Moo Free and master chocolatier. Hammy is gluten intolerant, which means that she gets a bad tummy ache if she eats anything with wheat in it, like bread, cakes and biscuits.

Hammy loves to keep busy, the factory makes sure of that. When she is not making scrummy chocolates, Hammy enjoys growing her own fruit and vegetables. They taste much better fresh from her little garden.

Hammy enjoys reading her Kindle, listening to all sorts of music and has been known on occasion to dance and sing and make chocolates all at the same time.

Mikey Bunny

mikey bunny

Mikey Bunny is married to Hammy Hamster. He is lactose intolerant, which means that he gets a very bad tummy ache if he drinks or eats anything with animals' milk in it.

Mikey looks after all of the technology at Moo Free and is involved with all aspects of product development and design. He sometimes even helps to repair the chocolate making machines.

At home, Mikey likes growing vegetables in the garden with Hammy. He also loves reading and playing computer games with Cheeky Chops.

Kitty Cakes

kitty cakes

Kitty Cakes is the daughter of Hammy Hamster and is the Customer Service Manager. She loves our chocolate and you will often find a nibbled sample on her desk. If you call us then she will often be the one who answers the telephone first.

Kitty likes listening to modern music, although thanks to Hammy's influence she can occasionally be caught listening to some old time rock 'n' roll.

Cheeky Chops

cheeky chops

Technically not an employee, Cheeky Chops is a little monkey who loves to help out and cause mischief around the factory when he's not at school. You can often hear him making lots of noise in the Moo Free offices or find him in the warehouse where he loves to play in the boxes.

He really enjoys music and seems to know all of the words to every song. When he's not at school or causing monkey mischief at the factory he likes to play Minecraft with Mikey Bunny or going to the cinema with his mummy Kitty Cakes.

Rosie Rabbit

rosie rabbit

Rosie Rabbit is extremely well organised and very clever. She is a very good friend of Mikey Bunny and Hammy Hamster.

Rosie's favourite things are R.E.M. and post-it notes. She will always have a spare jar of peanut butter ready just in case Mikey Bunny needs a midnight snack.

Lily-Lu Lemur

lily-lu lemur

Lily-lu works in the chocolate production rooms where she helps to try and make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. She is very clever and always knows what to do.

Lily-lu also loves helping Hammy Hamster to taste her latest chocolates and often has a secret supply of Minty Moo bars. She loves keeping fit and goes to the gym almost every day to climb on the monkey bars.

Clawdia Cat

clawdia cat

Clawdia Cat looks after all the complicated numbers for Hammy. She also works closely with Rosie Rabbit to ensure that all the Moo Free stockists get the chocolates that you want.

Clawdia lives with lots of other animals that all love rock music. Her favourite films are The Nightmare Before Christmas and Batman.

Margery Mouse

margery mouse

Margery Mouse is the office administrator. She is very good at research and often updates the Moo Free wiki pages with lots of useful information. She also enjoys adding crazy entries to our blog when she thinks that no-one is looking.

Margery enjoys writing, art and photography.