About The Moo Free Family...

At Moo Free we see people as individuals, with their own special ways. If we can accommodate them, we will. Our team includes all age groups, a naturally equal mix of men and women and several wonderful people who are autistic.

Everyone deserves a chance. To us, this is how it should be. The Moo Free family consists of around 55 people and each and every one is a valuable asset to Moo Free.

After 3 years of service, staff members become an "animal", it's just a cute thing that we like to do :)

Let us introduce you to a few of them...



Andrea Jessop

AKAHammy Hamster
Chief Executive Officer

One of the founders and main driving force at Moo Free. Andrea has a unique way of looking at things (she is autistic). Often described as crazy and admired for her ability to pull rabbits out of hats! She cares for each and everyone of the Moo Free family.

Mike Jessop

AKAMikey Bunny
Chief Technology Officer

Co-founder and responsible for the original design of the packaging, artwork, and all things IT. Another unique crazy person and holder of the hat!

Ginette Higgs

AKAClawdia Cat
Financial Director

Asked how she would like to be described she said skinny and gorgeous. Counter of beans and guardian of the coffers. Hammy’s post to lean on.

Gareth Toms

Commercial Director

The man who safeguards the growth and development of the business within the commercial marketplace. A real shmoozer who makes sure our valued customers are extremely happy.

Matt Smith

Brand Manager

The proverbial "man on the ground" that ensures the smooth running of many things Moo Free. Matt is our cool, calm and collected brand manager that ensures our products and offerings align with the expectations of our lovely customers. 

Leah Clifford

AKAKitty Cakes
Warehouse Manager

Leah is the daughter of Andrea & Mike. The crazy cat lady with a paw in many pies, the face on social media, the solver of many puzzles, the one that informs you.

Darren Rivers

AKASalty Sam the Pirate
Operations Manager

Proud of his cornish roots, Salty is dedicated to making sure that every operation is running to perfection.

Lee Jennings

AKA: Mungo Mouse
Production Manager

One of our longest family members, Lee scurries around the factory with barely a squeak cementing the family together.

Jeremy Whittaker

Logistics and Warehouse Manager

Jerry is a man of many hats. A well established snr member of the team who manages the ins and outs of all materials and products into the business.

Jon Coysh

Production Engineer

Jon has a tool for everything.... which is good to ensure we can keep producing our great dairy dodging choccy.

Dan Zackey

NPD Manager

Responsible for all our weird and wonderful creations. A bouncy and infectious character which shows in the choccy he creates!

Grant Davies

NPD Assistant

Dans right hand man... some might say his protégé? Grant is always spreading good energy and keeping everyone's spirits up around the place.

Louise Adams

Technical Manager

Stern but fair... Louise ensures we are complaint in all areas of our manufacturing facility. Always friendly, always with a smile.

Laura Westaway

AKABetty the Astronaut
Accounts Assistant

A bundle of joy and always there for a chin wag... Laura is all things numbers and making sure all bills are paid and up to date!

Joe Fernley


Joe is our digital demon and is responsible for our digital creations. You can see his work on our social media channels, in magazine ads or Point of Sale materials.

Alex Stanley

Production Operative

Alex ensures our online shop orders are processed and sent out the door correctly and in a timely manner.

Jessica Hill

Social Media Co-ordinator

Always on her phone... managing all our social media channels. Jessica is responsible for interacting with our great consumers and creating the jaw dropping content you see today!

Grant Martin

National Account Manager

Grant is hot on his numbers. A man with maths. Grant manages the relationships with customers across the UK.

Jon Dunn

Head of Ecommerce

The man on the web... Jon is our Head of Ecommerce. Responsible for the inner workings of our websites and online shopping channels. Jon draws in all the traffic to these sites and makes sure your experience is top notch!

Angus Farrelly

AKA: Osawald Tortoise
Technical Assistant

Angus is the helping hand to Louise - Managing all the writing of our product specifications and making sure our ingredients match our strict brand standards.

Ness Whiston

AKA: Tabitha Tiger
Office Administrator

Ness does a bit of this and a bit of that... a very experienced member of the team who moved into her role from production. Ness helps with our wholesale customers and processing all the orders we receive.

Reanne Westlake

AKA: Henrietta the Horse
Production Supervisor

Reanne is one of our longest members of staff working her way up the ladder. Supervising production workers on the split shift, she does not tolerate any horsing around.

Lizzie Crane

AKA: Calypso the Yellow Tailed Bird
Production Supervisor

Lizzie is a energetic colourful character with a natural ability to motivate her staff.