The Moo Free Team

At Moo Free we see people as individuals, with their own special ways. If we can accommodate them, we will. Our team includes all age groups, a naturally equal mix of men and women and several wonderful people who are autistic. Everyone deserves a chance. To us, this is how it should be. The Moo Free family consists of around 50 people now and each and every one is a valuable asset to Moo Free. Let me introduce you to a few of them

Andrea Jessop
Hammy Hamster

Chief Executive Officer

One of the founders and main driving force at Moo Free. Andrea has a unique way of looking at things (she is autistic). Often described as crazy and admired for her ability to pull rabbits out of hats! She cares for each one of the Moo Free family.

Mike Jessop
Mikey Bunny

Chief Technology Officer

Co-founder and responsible for the original design of the packaging, artwork, and all things IT. Another unique crazy person and holder of the hat!

Ginette Higgs
Clawdia Cat

Financial Director

Asked how she would like to be described she said skinny and gorgeous. Counter of beans and guardian of the coffers. Andrea’s post to lean on.

Leah Clifford
Kitty Cakes

Customer Service Manager

Leah is the daughter of Andrea & Mike. The crazy cat lady with a paw in many pies, the face on social media, the solver of many puzzles, the one that informs you.

Lee Jennings
Mungo Mouse


One of our longest family members, Lee scurries around the factory with barely a squeak cementing the family together

Jess Mills
Dizzy Dog


Jess our loyal family member who wandered off at one point only to return renewed. She is responsible for conching our chocolate to perfection.