Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day Gift Ideas

In the UK, Father’s Day 2021 will be on Sunday 20th June. It’s always held on the third Sunday in June and, as we know, its purpose is to celebrate the father figures in our lives. Many of us have an amazing dad, stepdad grandad, foster dad or just someone who’s like a dad who we really want to feel really appreciated on their day. Father’s Day often plays second fiddle to Mother’s Day – in fact, Mother’s Day has been around significantly longer. But we think dads deserve to be spoilt just as much as mums. 


ethical Father's Day gifts

It’s no secret that dads are so very hard to buy for. So, we thought we’d try and help you to find fabulous Father’s Day gifts well in advance of the big day. We know that many of you love nice things that are ethical in some way, so we’ve chosen ethical gifts as a theme. Here are 5 things that the man you’re buying for will love.


Moo Free subscription box

Ethical Father's Day Gift - Vegan Chocolate Subscription Box


From £36.00

While we have several vegan chocolate Father's Day gifts, we think that the man who receives this absolute gem of a Father’s Day gift will decide that this is the best gift he has received!

The Moo Free subscription box comes as either a three-month or six-month subscription and contains an assortment of Moo Free favourites. It might also include a surprise artisan bar or something special from the product development kitchen.

If the man you’re buying for is vegan or doesn’t eat gluten or soya then he will love this present. If he isn’t vegan and will eat both of those things then he will still love it! It’s a big box of delicious chocolate delivered to his door every month. What’s not to love?


Rapanui t-shirt

Ethical Father's Day Gifts - T-shirt


From £19

Rapanui started off manufacturing t-shirts but they sell all sorts of garments now. All of their products are made from organic cotton and printed on demand here in the UK. Printing the items to order means that they don’t accumulate piles of printed stock that they can’t sell and have to throw away.

Rapanui has loads of cool designs – many of them have a marine or eco theme – but not all of them by any means. They also do collaborations with several really great charities and conservation organisations. There’s a Father’s Day gift here for anyone who cares about where their clothes come from. 


Madlug backpack

Ethical Father's Day Gifts - Madlug Backpack


From £29.99

We love these brightly coloured backpacks which come in just about every colour you can think of! The man you buy one of these for will find it super handy for commuting, hiking, travelling or just being out and about.

The folks at Madlug spotted that most of the 90,000 children in care in the UK and Ireland are moved from place to place with all of their possessions in a plastic rubbish bag. Their mission is to rectify this problem and for every bag you buy, they give a bag to a child to help restore a bit of dignity. We think Dad will be really glad to know that his funky backpack helped a child.


Vegan Chease Selection Box

Ethical Father's Day Gifts



Tyne Chease makes vegan cheese, which the company calls ‘chease’. Their cheases are cultured and aged and Tyne maintain that their products that will hold their own on any cheeseboard.

The Chease Selection Box contains ten perfectly formed mini cheases and it has to be said that the varieties are pretty exotic. If the recipient loves different cheese/chease then this is the gift for him. As well as plain and smoked chease, this selection offers varieties such as Za'atar Spice, Sundried Tomato and Pink Peppercorn. This is a fun and adventurous Father’s Day gift that ticks all the ethical boxes.


Compostable phone case by Pela

Ethical Father's Day Gifts - Compostable phone


From £28.95

Everyone loves a cool phone case! But it’s no secret that they are a massive contributor to the global plastic problem. Millions of phones are sold every year and every time you upgrade your phone, what do you do with the case?

We’re pretty sure that the person you’re buying a gift for would be thrilled with a funky phone case that’s also compostable. Yep, we said compostable. Pela applies this wizardry to all of their plastic products, which also include sunglasses and Air Pod cases. Everything you buy from them can be composted. Check out their fun and stylish designs for every major phone model.


Happy Father's Day!

So, there you have it. Happy Father’s Day to the father or father figure in your life. We hope that you are able to celebrate the day together and we hope that if you choose a gift from our list, he will truly love it.