The Rise of Wonderful White Chocolate

The Rise of Wonderful White Chocolate

Since we launched Moo Free’s vegan white chocolate in 2020, it has quickly become some of our best-selling chocolate. Although we worked hard on its development for a long time, its success has been quite astonishing. Vegan white chocolate is notoriously hard to get right and some of our early prototypes were so disgusting that we called it “Moo Poo”!

Lots of people ask about white chocolate so we've put together a few fun facts.

Vegan White Chocolate

Is white chocolate popular?


White chocolate has often been thought of as milk chocolate’s inferior cousin. Not so anymore. In 2018, researchers found that the average Brit will enjoy a whopping 7001 chocolate bars in their lifetime – worth £12,000! Of these, 1,425, or 22%, is white. While milk chocolate is still the more popular choice, white chocolate is catching up.


How did white chocolate originate?


According to the BBC, white chocolate was originally made as a medicine for children. In Switzerland in the 1930s, doctors proposed giving vitamin-enriched milk to children who were in hospital. However, the children thought milk was too babyish and wouldn’t drink it. The solution was to add cocoa butter, which resulted in the accidental invention of white chocolate. Genius, if you ask us! This ‘medicinal’ chocolate product was so popular that it ended up being widely sold and eventually evolved into the white chocolate we know and love today.


What is it exactly?


White chocolate isn’t brown like other chocolate, because it doesn’t contain any cocoa solids. White chocolate is made of cocoa butter, sugar and milk – or in our case, rice milk powder. If you think that you don’t get the same creaminess from rice milk powder that you do from dairy milk, think again. It also has a natural caramel-type taste which complements the other ingredients perfectly.

But here’s the tricky part. Technically, white chocolate isn’t chocolate at all because it contains no cocoa solids. This issue seems to stir up emotions in many people and the subject of ‘is it or isn’t it?’ is hotly debated in the chocolate world.


What do you think?


We choose to remain neutral on this subject. We are just glad that we’re able to bring delicious white chocolate into the world and make it vegan and ‘free from’ so that everyone can enjoy it.

As for what we put into our vegan white chocolate which makes our customers think that ours is the best – well, that’s a secret.

What are your thoughts? Let us know.