Moo Free Pets

Moo Free Pets

20th February is Love Your Pet Day - a day to celebrate our furry, feathered and scaly companions. We know life wouldn't be the same without our friends and so it's only right that there's a day set aside for them. We think most of you are animal lovers so we thought that this would be a perfect day to introduce you to a few of the pets who are loved by Moo Free employees.


Ness Whiston

Office Administrator/ Tradesite Coordinator

Love your pet day - Buddy


Buddy is a very handsome gentleman of nearly 13 years old. Happy birthday for March, Buddy! He adopted Ness when he was 10 weeks old. Ness says he he’s dappy and always lays right in the way of where anyone wants to go. Buddy absolutely loves children and is a brilliant friend.


Mr Cakes (Rest In Peace), Mrs. Slocombe, Miss Kibbles and Fluffalls 

Mike & Andrea Jessop


Love your pets day - Jessops cats


Until recently, the Jessops had 4 Cats. Mr. Cakes, who was rescued as a tiny, abandoned kitten, died just a couple of weeks ago at the grand age of 15. He is sadly missed. Mrs. Slocombe (everyone over a certain age will have a little chuckle over her name), Miss Kibbles and Fluffalls live in relative harmony in the Jessop house and are friends with the chickens. Miss Kibbles, despite being an ‘indoor’ breed, was born under a wandering star. She loves nothing more than trips away in the camper van. Check out her adventures on her Instagram profile @kibbys_travels.


Gladys, Princess, Raquel, Bug Bug, Lady Penelope, Stella, Sparkle and Baby Kay

Love your pet day - Jessops chickens



Say 'hi' to these lovely chickens and bantams who live a life of leisure. The girls love cuddles and are very chatty. In the summer, they wander the garden and peck at tasty-looking things including the CEO's vegetables!



Grant Martin

Commercial Manager


Love your pet day - Reggie


Reggie is an 18-month-old Lakeland Terrier/Jagd/Fox Terrier cross and is the goodest of boys. He arrived at the Martin household as a tiny 8-week-old pup and he helped Grant’s 6-year-old son get over his fear of dogs. Reggie's a very sociable dog and enjoys jumping up at people he meets and playing chase with other dogs.


Fat Pigeon & Friends

Alice Watkyn

Marketing Consultant


Love your pet day - pigeon


Alice lives in a 3rd floor apartment and so doesn’t have pets as such. To compensate, she has bird feeders on all her windows and so has made friends with the local bird population. Fat Pigeon cleans up the leftovers from the little birds and makes many ungraceful attempts to get into the feeders. The gang likes to wake Alice up very early in the morning and to poo on the windowsill.


Briony, TJ, Lightning, Thunder, Maggie and May

Leah Clifford

Warehouse Manager

Love your pet day - Leah's cats



Meet beautiful Briony and her step-sister, TJ. Briony, the rescue kitty, is like a little cow and TJ is a fearsome feline who will challenge you to a fight! 10-year-old Lightning is very vocal and loves to greet people. Her sister, Thunder, likes to be picked up and held like a baby.

Maggie and May are tiny 6-month-old fluffy bunnies who love to run around their run all day and all night.


Happy Love Your Pet Day!

We hope you've enjoyed meeting our pals. Why don't you introduce us to yours? Post a photo and tag us @moo_free_chocolates.