Random Acts of Kindness Day

Random Acts of Kindness Day

Did you know that February 17th Is Random Acts of Kindness Day? We love all the celebration days here at Moo Free but this is right up our street! If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know that we’re not just about delicious vegan chocolate – kindness and ethics are at the very core of everything we do.

 Kindness - umbrella

Random Acts of Kindness Day (it doesn’t really roll off the tongue, does it!) got us thinking about things we could all do to make the world a lovelier place just for one day. We also remembered that the beginning of the year can be tough financially, so we made sure that everything we thought of is free. Then we wrote it all down for you to try out. Try one or all of them! Here goes.


Leave a great review for a small business

For a small business, a great review can be the motivation for someone to buy from them. If something that you bought, or a restaurant or bar that you went to really made your day, write your experience down for all to see.


Sign up to give blood if you are eligible. Even better, persuade a friend to do it, too!

Sadly, not everyone can donate blood but if you can, it’s such a worthwhile thing to do. Blood is always in short supply and yours can save a person’s life. After your donation, you’ll be contacted to tell you where your donation went.


Kindness - give blood


Pick up a piece of litter and put it in the bin.

Have you noticed how the streets are getting much messier? Pick up something unsightly from the ground and pop it in a bin.


Make a thoughtful Spotify playlist for a friend.

We don’t mean you should make them a list of your favourite 90s thrash metal and try to get them to like it because everyone should love 90s thrash metal. We mean it would be kind to think about what they like and make them something they’ll really want to listen to. If you have a song that you both love listening to when out in the car or on a night out, including that will make the playlist even more special.


Make cookies for the office.

If you don’t work somewhere where that’s practical (e.g., you’re an A and E nurse) or you’re a student or homeworker, make cookies for your friends or neighbours. Cookies make everyone feel better.


Let a car pull out or merge in front of you.

Just for one day. Instead of waving your arms and shouting uncharitable things at the driver who doesn’t really know where they’re going, flash your lights and let them in. And give yourself a pat on the back for your kindness.


Donate your old towels or blankets to an animal shelter.

Animal shelters are always appealing for blankets, towels and old newspapers. Clear out the back of your airing cupboard and take all that old clutter to someone who needs it


Make your partner or housemate breakfast in bed.

This needs no explanation. Put the kettle and the toaster on and they will love you forever. You never know – they may even return the favour one day.

 Kindness - toaster


You don’t have to commit to a lifetime of this. There are lots of things you can do only once like joining/organising a litter pick, helping in a nursing home or doing pick-ups for a food bank. You never know – it might become a regular thing.


Leave a LinkedIn recommendation for a colleague or someone who has helped you out.

That person might not be looking for opportunities right now but they’re bound to be at some point. Even if they’re in a job for life, they will feel great about your public compliments.


Take your dog for a longer walk and don’t wear your headphones.

Random acts of kindness don’t just have to be for people! If you have a dog who loves his or her walks, spend a little longer with them today and be really present. Take them to their favourite place, hang around longer than you normally would and take the long way home. Your dog will be so grateful for that extra time outside with their favourite human.


Spread the kindness!

We wish you a very happy Random Acts of Kindness Day and we hope that your acts of kindness bring joy to both you and those around you. If you do something really, cool or unusual, something that makes you feel great or you make that amazing breakfast, take a photo and tag us on Instagram. We’d love to see!