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No More Coconut Oil

Our following of loyal Moo Free fans has been important to us from the very start, and we have loved the way you have interacted with us and shown us your support over the years. We do listen to everything you say and while we may not give you credit at the time, you may have seen changes over the years that have come about just because someone gave us the idea on Facebook.

We have been so focussed this year on bringing our chocolate to more and more customers who are allergic to dairy, just want to make some changes to their diet, or are part of our growing vegan following. We have been keeping to all our ethics about our ingredients, packaging, and the way we do business.

One of our goals has been to make sure that we listened to your taste suggestions (creamier please! more like Cadbury’s please!) and your comments on pricing (why is it soooo expensive?). So we developed our new everyday range just for those people. Still plant based, with UTZ/Rainforest Alliance ingredients. We developed something which tasted more creamy and was easier on the pocket money.

Why Use Coconut Oil?

Why Coconut Oil?

But over the last few weeks we have heard loud and clear  - "Why Cocnut Oil?".

The answer is, because coconut oil gives the chocolate the same sort of consistency and mouth fill you would expect from a “Cadbury” type chocolate. “Cadbury” type chocolates use vegetable fats consisting of palm oil, which is not an option at Moo Free, we will not use any form of palm oil in our products. We chose coconut oil as it fitted with our brand values (plant based), mimicked the texture and mouth feel of a “Cadbury’s” type chocolate and it kept the price down.

But – WE HEAR YOU and we have taken action.

No More Coconut Oil

As soon as we possibly can, we will be taking the coconut oil out! We are going to put a little bit more cocoa butter in its place. Yes, you are right, cocoa butter is more expensive, but Hammy will take that on her furry chin.

Starting with all our Easter eggs – no coconut oil! Done!

Then all our new bars – we are taking the coconut oil out! This one may take a little longer as they are all made and in the shops now. We have to change packaging, tell all our retailers, and make sure we obey all the rules laid down by the science bods. But we have set a date of 1st March 2021 to be coconut oil free.

Don’t forget in the meantime, we still have our original recipe bars on our factory shop both mini moos and our premium bars.

Some retailers will still have the old design bars in stock, so just be sure to check out the ingredients on the back of the pack.

Also if you have any questions you’d like to ask, you can contact us on our social media links below, or by emailing us.

You spoke, we listened!

Happy Coconut Free Choccy Chomping!