Spotlight on Staff - Leah

Spotlight on Staff - Leah

Welcome to part 1 of our Spotlight on Staff feature. Come on in and meet the amazing people who make your chocolate. The fabulous Moo Free team is passionate about making chocolate that everyone can love. 


Meet Leah


Name: Leah Clifford aka Kitty Cakes



Job title: Warehouse Manager



How long have you been at Moo Free? Since day one



What was your first job title? Administrator



Give us a brief rundown of your day:  A typical day for me includes setting my team up with orders to pack, booking orders in, booking lorries, answering customer queries and complaints, sorting orders, moving stock, finding warehouse space. But no one day is ever the same in the world of Moo Free.



What would be your dream job (if you could do absolutely anything)? I have two to be an actor on TV or to work with children with autism.



What 3 things do you like most about the company? We are one big family. It has great ethics and cares about everyone. Moo Free makes amazing chocolate that everyone can enjoy.



What is your fav Moo Free choc? Has to be the white chocolate.



Have you ever eaten so much Moo Free choc that you’ve made yourself ill? Lol no, not yet anyway.



Tell us something about you that most people at work don’t know: This is quite a personal one, but I suffer from depression and anxiety, and you wouldn’t know because I hide it so well.  I’m also a big advocate for mental health awareness and support.