5 ways to make Christmas jumper day more eco

5 ways to make Christmas jumper day more eco

Christmas Jumper Day has quite quickly become a firm fixture in the calendars of offices all over the UK. It’s usually a lovely festive day – a time to bond with your colleagues, admire jumpers and maybe have a wee Christmas tipple. Millions of pounds are raised for charity – usually Save the Children – and that can only be a good thing.


We don’t want to be ‘bah humbug’ about Christmas Jumper Day - however, like so many celebrations, Christmas Jumper Day has a not-so-fun side in the form of waste. Christmas jumpers are often bought, worn once and discarded. There are also concerns over how these jumpers are sold so cheaply. As most of us endeavour to lighten the load that we place on the planet, we can look at how to make our fave office day a bit more eco-friendly. We can think about how to make sure that the jumpers are better for the environment or look at some totally different festive fundraising days that don’t involve jumpers at all!


Read on and we’ll give you some ideas!

Eco Christmas jumper


  1. Have a festive bake sale


Bake sales are just as fun as jumper days – and they look just as good on your company social media! Organise a day of delectable festive treats and have your colleagues bring in all the fancy chocolate reindeers and Santa-shaped cheese (or vegan cheese) scones they can muster. Talking of vegan, it’s always a good idea to have at least a little bit of co-ordination at these events. If everyone decides in advance what to bake then you can be sure that vegans, people with allergies and people with particular diets are catered for. Don’t forget that Moo Free vegan chocolate is really amazing to bake with!


  1. Eco-friendly Christmas jumpers


One company that makes more responsible Christmas jumpers is British Christmas Jumpers.


All their eco-friendly jumpers are made using 100% recycled yarn which is made from 60% regenerated cotton & 40% Recycled PET Bottles. Need we say more?



  1. Make your own Christmas jumper


No, we’re not suggesting you bust out the knitting needles! But you can take any jumper and adorn it with any number of Chrimbo accessories to make it look the Christmas biz. Honestly, look at what these people have done with a puppet!



  1. Have a pool of Christmas hats

 Eco Christmas hats bunnies

You might argue that hats have all the dubious eco problems that jumpers do. Maybe so – but they are so much easier to swap and reuse. You can have a drawer for your Christmas hats and each year, members of staff can choose from the pool.


It goes without saying that in these difficult times of COVID, trying on hats isn’t an option. So, if Brenda in Accounts decides that the antlers don’t really suit her, we’re afraid that she’s stuck with them for this year!


  1. Go Vintage!


We’re just delighted with this find! Beyond Retro has a whole section dedicated to Christmas jumpers. Oh gosh, we could spend hours browsing through these! How can you not be the talk of the office in your genuine 2000s Nordic jumper?



Have fun!


We hope we’ve given you some great ideas to get your office into the festive spirit and raise lots of lovely money for charity but go easy on our planet.


If you want to tag us in any of your office Chrimbo celebrations, we’d love to see! @moofreechocolates